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PPC spy tools are a very important part of analysing your competition and marketing effectively. Not only will they bring you benefits, but if you don’t use them yet, you can bet your competition does!

PPC spy tools are not cheating or being dishonest. They are simply the smartest way to find out about key information on your competitors and research your PPC efforts better. Here are three of the best tools to use:

1. Follow –

If you want an easy to use and comprehensive PPC spy tool, Follow is a great choice. The real beauty with this tool is that everything you need to research the competition is all under one roof. This makes it a great one-stop solution to your PPC analysing needs.

Follow operates as a browser extension, which makes it ultra-simple to put into action. Just go to your competitor’s landing page and turn Follow on. You will then be shown a full run-down of the most useful information on your competitor, from traffic data to their SEO performance and keyword details.

2. Serpstat –

Another superb PPC spy tool is Serpstat. This, as the name suggests, is based on the analysis of search engine results, in terms of the competition in your field. It allows you to simply look for a list of other businesses that rank for the same keywords as you and also have a look at their trends in this area.

This information is naturally invaluable when deciding which keywords to target yourself or what the competition may be planning to do next. One great feature Serpstat has is that it shows which keywords your competitors aren’t targeting, so you can!

3. Spyfu –

One of the most effective and popular PPC spy tools is Spyfu. This is a wide-ranging solution that will give tons of valuable information that you can use to your advantage. One really great feature is that it will show your competitor’s ad history, so you can see what worked for them with your audience – and what didn’t!

Spyfu does cost around $49 per month for the basic plan but, for businesses who invest a lot into PPC, it is a good investment.

If you need a hand making sure your Adwords campaigns come out on top, these spy tools will certainly help. The information they give on your rivals is very handy for you to decide on the direction of your next campaign and how you can beat them.

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