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Below are six social media metrics you need to track in order to make a success of your business. Whilst followers and social shares can tell a piece of the story, you will want to monitor the metrics listed below for more valuable insights and to help your business grow.

1. Inbound Links

These are a good measure of your content’s overall popularity, but also essential ranking factors for Google. You may notice that the volume of inbound links to your website surges after your produce a specific type of content, or run a contest, or implement some other form of social media marketing. By identifying these surges, you can gain insight into which campaigns made a difference.

2. Track Follower Growth

Your total count of followers, fans and page likes represents the number of unique people who have taken an interest in your business. You should consistently track this to ensure your following is growing. This will show that your content and approach is working, or if it needs tweaking.

3. Identify Optimal Times for Engagement

It’s important to know when your audience is most likely going to engage with your content. It allows you to tailor your strategy to post at the right time and help your business grow.

4. Track Your Audience Demographics

As your following grows, you should monitor your audience demographics to help inform and develop your strategy for posts and paid ads. Knowing where your potential customers are coming from can also help you to tailor your product or service for that area and helps you to grow.

5. Track Referral Traffic From Social Media

Your acquisition data lets you know what type of traffic you are getting from social media to your site and how it performs once it arrives. You can use this data to ensure all your social media are working at their optimal best.

6. Monitor Your Reach Vs Impressions

The impressions are the number of times a post has been seen, whereas reach is the number of individual people who see a post. Depending on what you want from your campaign, you will be hoping for one or the other or a balance of both. Define what you want to achieve before you promote in order to track your success.

Social media is much more than just likes and followers, you need to be keeping track of these 6 things to make sure your business is constantly growing and developing.

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