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Is the cheapest quote the best?

Well, the short answer is no. Sadly you get what you pay for.

At Ingenium we have had many clients approach us after they opted for the cheapest quote, desperate for us to fix something on their website such as a piece of artwork which was done badly, or a feature that simply doesn’t work – All of which were done by companies who provided the cheapest quote.

Consider how long the project should take, the amount of resources required to complete the project and the cost of the staff working on it. If your answer after this doesn’t match up to their quote, then it’s likely it isn’t the right quote for you.

Also, some companies are able to offer work cheaper as they’re outsourcing your project abroad, or using an off the shelf template rather than a bespoke design. The knock on effect of this is your website or artwork is not designed to a high standard, doesn’t function correctly, and has not been tested across the latest devices and browsers.

Opting for the cheapest quote means that you’ll probably be getting sub-standard service, but it is possible to choose the cheapest quote in some cases. We would only recommend choosing the cheapest quote if:

  1. You project is a small one.
    If your project is large in size but the quotes are cheap, you’re potentially starting on the back foot as the agency are likely to be inexperienced and the quality of the end product could be poor.
  2. If it’s a web page you’re getting built, make sure you’re comfortable coding yourself incase something goes wrong.
    Usually cheaper means lower quality, and if it’s a website you’re getting built it won’t conform to web standards. This leaves your site badly formatted in older browsers and it won’t render correctly. If you’re familiar with html then you can (hopefully) fix it yourself if you have no other option but to go with the cheapest quote.
  3. Remove any language barriers.
    This tip is very important. Removing language barriers means people can understand exactly what your requirements are and get it right first time. Make sure you trust the country they’re working in too. If you’re not familiar with your rights as a consumer in their country, don’t use them! Also keep in mind the time difference between your countries.
  4. Ask for past work examples or case studies.
    If they haven’t provided you with them already, ask for examples of their past work. You wouldn’t buy a new car without visiting the showroom first, and websites are similar. Take the time to research the company’s work and ask if they have any customer testimonials too.

If you’re not happy with any part of the quote, then you should consider another which isn’t the cheapest. At Ingenium we do our best to provide competitive quotes for all of our work. We’re confident that you’ll love what we produce for you, and our team of professionals have years of experience so you know your website or design work is in good hands.

Take a look at our website design and development pages for more information on how we can help your business reach it’s full potential. We’re always here to answer your questions on website development too, so if you need help simply drop us an email at [email protected].

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