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However, to communicate effectively, and to make your content as attention-grabbing as possible, you should be aware of the image sizes that will make your posts prominent, professional, and altogether successful.

See below for a quick look at the appropriate image sizes for each of the primary social media channels, as well as a short description of what they do, who they appeal to, and who can benefit from utilising them.


We all know about Facebook, right? Who doesn’t? Whether you run a business or not, it’s likely you have – or have had – a Facebook account. It is a great way of communicating with an engaged audience and is terrific when it comes to keeping up with events and developments.

Profile image: 180×180

Business page profile image: 180×180

Cover image: 820×312

Shared image: 1200×630

Shared link: 1200×628

Highlighted image: 1200×717

Event image: 1920×1080


If you have a business, you should also have a Twitter account. It’s really that simple. Also, you should be active on your account; it should be your first option when communicating views and opinions, as well as promoting services and products. Twitter is ideal as a means of directly communicating with people – it is a customer service tool that is free of charge, and uncomplicated. What’s not to love?

Profile image: 400×400

Header image: 1500×500

In-tweet image: 440×220


If you like imagery of any kind, you’ll already know Instagram and its benefits. It has over 800 million engaged users and is the perfect channel to connect with people that are visually inclined. By posting photos, illustrations, gifs and graphics that resonate with your target audience, you’ll be able to build a sizeable following quickly.

Profile image: 110×110

Photo thumbnail image: 161×161

In-feed image: 1080×1080

Stories image: 1080×1920


LinkedIn is the social channel for professionals, so if you are running a business, want to make professional connections, or need to keep abreast of industry comment, this is the place to be. LinkedIn is widely considered the primary social channel for lead generation, so ignore it at your peril.

Personal profile image: 400×400

Company logo image: 300×300

Background image: 1584×396

Company cover image: 1536×768

Company banner image: 646×220

Hero image: 1128×376


Google+ was initially designed to be a direct Facebook competitor but has never quite managed to hit those heights. However, it can still be a good way of reaching a wide audience, especially in business circles. Also, you can – and should – link it to your YouTube channel to ensure both consistency across social mediums, and to achieve wider reach.

Profile image: 250×250

Cover image: 1080×608

Shared image: 497×373


YouTube is fantastic if you are creative and want to showcase your brand in a more elaborate way than simply posting an image. YouTube can be incredibly effective as a means of marketing and advertising, but to stand out for positive reasons, the end product has to be of high quality. Anything that is sub-standard will only be picked up by people looking for a laugh.

Channel profile image: 800×800

Channel cover image: 2560×1440

Video uploads (in HD): 1280×720

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