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The methodology that we apply to all our projects runs through the areas of Research, Optimisation, Develop, Acquire, Strategy and Outcomes. After we’ve analysed the problems that you’re facing as a company, we recommend improvements in these areas and the expected outcomes of each.

By breaking down these recommendations into services, you can then choose as many or as few of these services as you like, knowing our team will work hard to deliver the best Return on Investment for your chosen path.

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Our Agile Process

Behind all of our services and throughout every phase of our projects, we use an in-house agile methodology utilising key elements of scrum. This allows us to be flexible, transparent and to reduce risk by increasing predictability and exposure.

Rather than the waterfall methodology where you don’t see any progress until the end of the project and where we are left to produce a digital solution that we think meets your needs, instead we use an agile approach so you are involved throughout your project. This ensures that the end result is everything you expect and more.

Click on our Agile Process diagram to see every step in the process. We’d love to talk you through this in more detail, so why not get in touch today and we’ll arrange a meeting.

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Ingenium Agile Process
Ingenium Agile Sprint

Flexible & Adaptable

Implementing the agile development framework also allows us to constantly learn, iterate and adapt, in line with your evolving needs. This also allows us the luxury of being able to to change and adapt throughout the process and means rather than being rigid to your brief that was likely written long ago, enables us to better respond to your ever evolving business needs.

Adhering to the ‘fail fast, learn fast’ model, we have integrated the agile methodology throughout the agency. Our philosophy is to remain flexible and base our solutions on actionable data, ensuring we work collaboratively with our clients to defined objectives and timescales.

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Project Management

Your dedicated digital project manager facilitates this process and forms the direct link between your team and ours. Working together in this fashion ensures consistent communication throughout the project lifecycle to guarantee your needs are met.

Our digital project managers are well versed in managing digital requirements and complex projects and are all PSM1 certified Scrum Masters along with the rest of the agency. Having our agency all trained as Scrum Masters ensures that agile flows through everything we do. Our project management team and their output are overseen by our experienced Technology and Delivery Director.

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