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Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool to connect with others, build a following for your business, and create a captive audience to advertise new products to.

These days the majority of businesses are on social media, but do you have the time to manage it? Depending on your requirements, we can manage your pages weekly, daily or hourly to make sure your audience are kept engaged. We can also react to any developing situation, showing that your business is proactive, and turning around any negatives to positives.

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The number of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.*
65 Million
The number of businesses that have a Facebook page.**
Would rather contact a company through social media than by phone.*

* Source:
** Source:

Social Media Strategy

Whether you already have existing social profiles or are starting fresh, our team will look at your social presence and determine the optimum route forward for your business online to drive awareness and conversions.

We can also advise whether you should be on other social channels too – For example, if you’re more B2C (business to consumer) you’re more likely to want to be on Facebook (amongst others), whereas if you’re more B2B (business to business) you’ll probably fit better on LinkedIn (and others).

Our social media strategies are unique to each client, and we tailor a social strategy report to you. Gaining your buy in to this strategy is important to us too, so we you aware of how your social campaigns are unfolding along every step of the journey.

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Social Networks

Some of the social networks that we work with include:

Google Plus
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Social Media Advertising

As part of our PPC package we can also offer advertising on many social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This not only helps boost your profile with your current followers, but also reaches new audiences that can engage with your site.

You can read more about our Social Media Advertising on our PPC page.

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